Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy busy busy

So it's been a while since I last posted. I'd be more apologetic if it hadn't been for the massive amounts of fun I've been having (interspersed with some pretty traumatic moments as well) and how I'm not going to let you rain on my proverbial.

I've been seeing some interesting, entertaining and downright beautiful things at the Sydney Opera House lately, and I plan to continue this new trend when the Festival of Dangerous Ideas comes out this October. Most recently I was lucky enough to acquire tickets to see Stephen Fry give an entertaining talk and to see Neil Gaiman read his story, 'The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains' accompanied by FourPlay string quartet and images by Eddie Campbell. Prior to that there was the Australian Youth Orchestra, though I admit that I was fairly exhausted throughout that one and may have had a small kip in the third movement of the final piece (don't tell anyone).

I've also been working hard at the new job. I've been gaming, beading, cutting, pasting, reading, catering, planning and purchasing my way to being the best darn youth librarian I can be, hence the exhaustion during the AYO concert). Even as I type I'm supervising some HSC students studying noisily for their exams during one of the HSC lock-ins that my library has started to hold recently, and on the inside I'm panicking about not having gone to pick up the paraphernalia I need for my youth project tomorrow afternoon.

This fanservice for the Sydney Opera House has been brought to you by that feeling after business-hours when you have all that stuff to do but no-one else is at work and you can't get it done.