Saturday, March 24, 2012

Help me, I'm feeling unstructured

So, this little bit of web is the place where I say the things that I think. Often I don't think things that are particularly charitable, but I try not to write those down because I know that someone out there is going to get upset, and I'll get over what made me want to rant well before they get over how upset I made them by talking about it and it's really a lot of bother for a little bit of public venting. This is not to say that I won't make snide comments. I am only human.

I haven't kept up a regular blog since I was a chronically whiny late-teen with a livejournal (which I shall not link to) and a mistaken belief that I was a beautiful and unique, albeit misunderstood, snowflake. For a while after that I posted with obsessive regularity on an online forum, but after a while I found myself less and less tolerant of people who are the source of their own problems and a flamboyantly bitchy side of my personality awoke with the kind of fire and fury that is often reserved for villains in fantasy epics. And so I left before I did too much lasting damage.

However, lately I've had an urge to have my opinion heard, my feelings known about and my knowledge shared. Perhaps it is the very human narcissism that afflicts all of us, or perhaps it is because I alone am really that self-involved.

So, in light of my fascinating personality, my roguish charms and my charming ability to turn a phrase, I am going to assume that people are honestly interested in what I have to say. So interested, in fact, that they will ask me questions, give me topics, begin a discussion with me etcetera. I will answer you, invoking the "none-of-your-business" clause of online communication as little as possible. A regularly updated blog will be born. I will grow more confident in my writing skills and and you will get the opportunity to bow down and worship at altar of my narcissism. A win-win situation if ever I saw one.

So yes. Ask me the things. I will talk about them. It will be good.

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