Sunday, May 6, 2012

The benefits of being a little kid

So, this year I am having a "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" themed birthday party and I am turning 27 years old. This is less of a confession and more of a declaration. I've always been a take-me-as-I-am kind of person, so it's not like I was ever going to ask social permission for this kind of thing. But I feel it's important to document this kind of nonsense as it occurs.

The Facebook invite:
To celebrate my birthday this year, and to share the magic of friendship, I am having a celebration of all things pony. To help me celebrate, and to make the event more magical, I'd like everyone to bring or wear a cutie mark representing your special talent.
What is a cutie mark? A cutie mark is an image on the branding area of a pony that depicts a significant aspect of the personality of the pony. It may indicate a special talent or something that pony is particularly known for. For more info head to the MLP Wiki
What kinds of cutie marks are already out there? MLP Wiki has a pretty good gallery of available cutie marks that you may want to use or adapt. If you're not sure what your cutie mark would be, why not mention it here and get some suggestions. :)

The cutie-mark extravaganza was an idea than snuck into my brain many months ago. I was feeling sad and alone for whatever emo reason, and I thought of a My Little Pony Cutie Mark party as a way of celebrating all the little things that make us unique. I had tossed the idea around in my head for a while but mentally almost written it off because I just didn't feel like I should be doing this sort of thing as an Adult, and I wasn't sure anyone would actually want to indulge me. Then I went to the 30th birthday of a friend and a whole bunch of people asked me what I was doing for my birthday. After I stopped being gobsmacked that they remembered that it was my birthday this month, I mentioned the cutie mark party as an idea and suddenly people were really enthusiastic.

I think it's important to be a kid every now and again, an not to forget that. Even though work is busy and it feels like the only time you have to relax when you're at home is when you're waiting for your washing to finish in the machine.

Suddenly the planning process of the party is something that I am looking forward to at home. I've been making lists of things to make and preparing myself for my Rainbow Dash birthday cake and the cutie-mark cookies. I've planned a super childish Pinkie Pie themed Guess How Many Lollies in the Jar competition and, since I lack Pinkie's wonderful Party Cannon, I'm making up small party bags that people will get when they arrive, including stickers, temporary tattoos, a party popper and other things I haven't decided on yet.

My 27th birthday party will rock so much more than any party I had as a kid because I'm old enough and I've been through enough and I'm stressed enough and I've been sad enough now to appreciate the special level of childish glee that comes from putting up streamers, blowing up balloons and nomming fairy bread with friends and getting really high on sugar.

This isn't the first time I've done something like this. For my 25th birthday I had a cookie party. Everyone was to bring a small tray of cookies. They didn't have to be home made, but in these things sometimes people want to expend that extra bit of effort. Some people made special home recipes, one person made a massive pizza-sized cookie, someone else made no-bake cookies in the shape of tentacles (!!!) and some people bought cookies from the Cookie Man, and they were delicious as well. My best friend at the time made me a cake with a marshmallow and snake octopus on it. It was pretty frickin' special.

Last year it was my first birthday after a fairly epic social fallout, so I kept it small and timid. This year, though. This year will be wonderful.

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  1. Congratulations on your themed party. I hope it was a success (I assume that at this time your birthday has already passed). My fiancee and I are also kind of take-us-as-we-are persons and as an example we intend to have our cake toppers to be our own pony personas.
    I came across this blog looking for the picture you used of sweetie bell, the "meh" expression :P

    Anyway, hugs from Argentina